Hank’s Birthday Surprise (and Yours)!

Craft Office Systems

We love Hank and his spunk, and we’re proud to wish him happy birthday! Of course, no birthday is complete without a wish and luckily for Hank his is about to come true. You see, Hank wanted a big surprise for his birthday and for Craft’s customers. We have one in store for him and for you…

They grow up so fast! Hank, our fun-loving and energetic team member at Craft Office Systems, is turning two this month and we’re going to celebrate. Hank may be a hippo, but he’s an expert when it comes to the office and he’s already done so much for our business. Hank’s primary responsibility is to share information that will help fuel your success and the success of your organization. If you’re familiar with his blog (you’re currently reading it!), then you’re already familiar with his deep insight into products, promotions, and happenings at Craft Office Systems, all the while spinning his perspective on everything from office solutions to special events.

Hank, being a hippo, thinks BIG. So his birthday wish is going to be big for him and for you. Look forward to hearing more about his birthday surprise (and yours) over the next month. We promise you’ll love what Hank has in store for you. Like us on Facebook and wait for us to announce Hank’s big surprise.