Furniture: Finding a Fit

I am finally settling into our office environment here at Craft. One of the biggest challenges I faced when I first got here was finding my furniture. I’m a big guy, so when it comes to furniture, I need a strong, durable chair that supports me throughout the day. The FurnitureWorks™ experts at Craft made sure I found the perfect fit.

With computer-dependent work environments, we live in a world where the average office employee spends 93% of their work day sitting at their desk.  Add the time seated at work to the time seated at home eating and relaxing, as well as time commuting, and you’ll be sitting the majority of your waking hours.  Whenever and wherever you sit, it should be comfortable and ergonomic.

What does ergonomic mean?
You may have heard of ergonomics the last time you purchased an office chair or a piece of furniture. In simple terms, ergonomics refers to the science of making things safe, comfortable, and efficient. For every twist, turn and reach that you do at your desk, your body (more specifically, your back) is gradually wearing down. An ergonomic piece of furniture is designed to lessen the amount of stress put on your body while performing everyday tasks.

Practicing ergonomic movement in your everyday life saves time and prevents any long term injury that can be sustained at the workplace. The first step to practicing ergonomics correctly is being aware of your own movements and posture. In the office, the easiest way to cause long term injury is incorrect seating habits. These long term injuries include: back disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, and more. If you are experiencing work-related discomfort or are in the market for some new office furniture, consult one of our FurnitureWorks™ experts to help you find a comfortable and ergonomic furniture solution for your work day.