Fight Heat Fatigue with Sqwincher ZERO

Working outside is so tiring, especially when it’s this hot. I know I’m not the only one that has a hard time concentrating on work and staying positive when I’m hot and exhausted! It is very important to make sure that employees who work outside stay hydrated and energized. Everyone has that little voice in the back of their head that reminds them to drink water. Because I’m a hippo, my little voice reminds me that I need gallons of water a day! But plain water can get boring or may not give the energy boost one needs in the heat, which is why I’m happy to announce that Craft now offers packets of Sqwincher ZERO!

Sqwincher ZERO is a sugar-free sport drink. Sqwincher was developed to keep those involved in highly physical activities (like working outside in the sun) energized and alert. Sqwincher is NOT a sugar-filled energy drink that will make you crash later. Instead of sugar, this drink is packed with electrolytes, which are minerals that keep your body working and combat fatigue.

These small packets are perfect for people on-the-go. The small pocket-sized packets fit comfortably in work bags and lunchboxes. All you have to do is pour the powder into your water bottle (or in my case, a few packets into a water jug) and give it a good shake! Essential minerals and electrolytes help keep employees strong, energized and alert!

Check out the awesome flavors: fruit punch, lemon-lime, lemonade, grape, mixed berry and orange. My personal favorite is grape! If you are interested in Sqwincher ZERO to help your employees stay energized and healthy, give us a call.