Small Adjustments to Optimize Ergonomics

It is widely known that when people feel better, they work better. That’s why we like to offer all the ergonomic products you need to keep everyone feeling great and working safely. Ergonomics doesn’t just apply to large pieces of furniture or equipment. It also applies to the smaller things like keyboards, monitor risers, document stands, and chairs.

Adjustable keyboards
Improper positioning of a keyboard can cause serious harm to a person’s wrists and arms. We carry ergonomic keyboard platforms that tilt and lock into position so you can have your keyboard and mouse at the proper height. Keyboard trays like this one from 3M even come with a gel wrist rest that is made of antimicrobial material.

Craft Office Systems ergonomics

Monitor risers
If you wake up in the morning with a sore neck, the cause could be something more than your pillow. If a computer monitor is not set at the right height, it can strain your neck. Monitor risers are an inexpensive accessory that could save you a lot of money on visits to your chiropractor.

Chairs Craft Office Systems
Being a hippo with bad posture means I have back pain. So I like to work with an additional backrest, like this one from Fellowes. If you suffer from back aches and pain, contact Craft and ask about our FurnitureWorks™ service. We’ll send a qualified Craft member to review your needs and help find the right chair for you. One size does not fit all people, so we offer chair “test drives” so you can try out the chair for several days before you buy it. Finding the best chair fit truly requires you to sit for a bit!

Like I said before, when people feel better, they work better. Small adjustments like a keyboard platform or a new chair can really make a difference in the long run. So contact Craft today and ask about our FurnitureWorks™ program.