Office Furniture: The Best Bang for Your Buck

Keeping to a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise quality when it comes to office furniture. As you start your spring cleaning and re-arranging, you might notice that your office furniture is looking a little worse for the wear. We get it, when you find a great piece it’s hard to let it go. But if you really need to update your furniture, we have a budget-conscious solution for you: The Lorell Prominence Series.

Craft Office Systems

With Lorell, you know you’re going to get a quality product no matter the price. The Prominence series was created for those looking for something economical, easy, and most importantly, sturdy while attractive.

Each Lorell Prominence piece is built elegantly, but is also reinforced to stand tall and strong. The durable laminate surface is mar-resistant, burn-resistant and impact-resistant. You can drop your binders, spill your coffee, or slide your paper tray across each piece; and you won’t leave a mark. Now that’s real bang for your buck!

Furniture pieces in the Lorell Prominence series are all preassembled, which means your re-arranging just got easier. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to put together your furniture; instead have your piece delivered already assembled, place it where you want it, and be on your way.

For more information on office furniture design and the Lorell Prominence series, contact us here at Craft Office Systems today!