Don’t Fight Over the Office Thermostat

Wow, is it getting hot out there or what! Being a hippo is sometimes rough because even though the air conditioning is set at a comfortable setting for my co-workers, I’m still warm. Unfortunately they won’t let me bring in a kiddie pool full of cold water, so I’m looking into getting my own personal fan to keep me cool while I work.

I know that there are others out there like me who have a warm office. Sometimes your office is on the “hot” side of the building that receives a lot of sun during the day. Pulling the blinds down will help block the sun, but a fan will ultimately help keep you cool.

Craft carries a variety of personal fans for your office. A nice floor fan that oscillates will cool your entire office and create white noise that might help you focus better on your work. Or if you prefer to have the breeze blowing in your face, Craft carries fans that sit right on your desk or mount on the shelves above your desk.

Have you checked out the cool bladeless fans from Dyson? I’m so fascinated by them! Because they’re bladeless, the fans are very quiet and super easy to clean! You can get a small one for your desk or a tall floor fan for your entire office. What better way to beat the Texas heat than to have a fan blowing cool air directly on me! 

If you’re like me and can’t work while you’re warm, check out the awesome selection of fans that Craft carries. People are different, so don’t feel embarrassed if you’re too hot in the workplace. Instead of wasting time fighting over the thermostat, get a personal fan for your area.