Does Your Pen Match Your Personality?

A pen can be such an important tool in your work day.  Whether you are writing down your daily tasks or sketching out your newest idea, pens bridge the gap between what you think in your mind to the actions you take at work. So how do you choose the best pen for you? We reviewed PaperMate’s InkJoy pens, and have found the right one for these office personalities. Find the description that fits you best and be directed towards the perfect set of pens for you.

1021070845Color Coding Catherine: Do you find great pleasure in neat and structured filing systems?  Are your to do lists perfectly polished? Do you find something simple, yet so satisfactory behind the principle of color coding? Then the InkJoy 500 RT collection may be for you. Choose from an array of gorgeous colors such as magenta, turquoise, lime and orange. But don’t fret, your foundational blue, black and red are still in the mix. These pens combine an hourglass shape with a rubber grip for better control and comfort.

1020772142Deal Making Daniel: Are you a self-starter whose days consist of closing deals and networking with new clients? Have you masterfully crafted the perfect elevator pitch? Are you looking for elegance and sophistication in your office supplies? Then you should sport nothing less than the InkJoy 700 RT. This collection prides itself on style, with a high gloss finish for a more refined look. And just to match your timeless sense of class, the pens come in the classic red, blue and black ink colors.

1021070848Problem Solving Patrick: Are you the guy everyone calls when their computer stops working? Do you get a thrill when a problem is placed in front of you to solve? Are you more of a quality over quantity kind of guy? Then check out the InkJoy 550 RT. This pen is equipped with full-length grip for long lasting durability and comfort. A metal clip is attached to the top of the pen, so your risk of losing it is greatly decreased. This quality collection comes in a range of colors, our favorite being Mocha!

1023555787Brainstorming Beth: Do your colleagues come to you for the next big idea? Is your biggest fear a creativity block? Do you thrive on out of the box thinking and the excitement of something new? Look no further than the InkJoy 100 RT. To match your unique way of thinking, this pen is built with a triangular shape rather than the custom round pen. Draw out design plans for your newest brainstorm session with an assortment of vibrant colors such as purple, red, turquoise and lime.

Papermate’s InkJoy pens are a great place to start when looking for a pen that matches your personality. Check out Craft’s online store for the InkJoy collections today.