Dealing with “Top Secret” Material

What are the documents strewn across your desk? Is there a printed email with client information, a memo with new passwords, or important tax information spread out for anyone to see? Maybe papers on your desk aren’t a mess and you have documents perfectly filed in the corner. Even if documents are organized, are you doing what it takes to protect the information? Laws are constantly changing, so it’s important to make sure that information and documents that are confidential are properly handled. This can be done with secure filing and proper disposal. Craft has the tools to help you make sure that “top secret” documents are protected.

So what is considered “top secret”? Well if you just hired an employee, the worst welcoming gift would be lost copies of their driver’s license and social security card. Or if you are working closely with a client, do you think they would like to hear news of their private information leaking to other companies? “Top secret” material is the information others are entrusting to you to keep private and secure. Are you familiar with the strict processes to follow under HIPAA? HIPAA promises employees and in some instances clients, that their health and insurance information will be kept confidential or employers will suffer a huge penalty. Yikes!

Properly storing and disposing of confidential material is the best way to protect your company from any unnecessary lawsuits. If you need insights into products that can help, give us a call.