Custom Orders in Record Time

Craft Office SystemsSo you’re excited about the Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program, but you’re worried that the process will take a long time. I get it, “custom” sometimes means “long wait” and you don’t have time to wait for your chairs. You have a business to run and working in a comfortable environment means that you need proper seating for your employees. Sometimes custom design orders for the office can take months and that’s long enough to steer anyone away. But with Craft, Lorell custom does not mean long wait times.

If you’re interested in a custom fabric for your chairs, then you’ll be excited to know that the average wait is only 2 weeks for over 100 fabrics and 12 different chair styles. That means in 2 weeks, you’ll be able to implement a design that is as unique as your business – either aligning with your current decor and ambience, or satisfying anyone’s discerning tastes in new office design. You shouldn’t be slowed down because of customization. Count on Craft to bring custom chairs within lead times that work with your schedule.

I may not be built for speed (hippos are quite large!) but I work at a place that knows how to get things done fast. From next day office supply delivery to handling furniture installation, to breakroom supplies, Craft knows how to assist you in a timely manner.

The Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program is the perfect way for you to customize your office design, but how much will it cost? Click here to find out.