Custom Design without the High Price

The Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program is the perfect way for you to customize your office design. But you may be wondering, “How much will it cost?” With over 100 fabrics to choose from and 12 different chair styles, you’ll be able to pick a design that is as unique as your business. And because we know how important turnaround time is to you, we make sure your orders get to you within 2 weeks. So everything is looking good to you except for one thing – price.

Craft Office SystemsWell here’s good news for you. With Lorell custom chairs you get a solid, quality chair and your exact fabric preference without breaking the bank. I know that when I hear the word “custom” I immediately think, “not in my budget!” But Lorell is one of the fastest growing lines in the industry and they know that businesses have budgets they have to meet. With custom chairs from Lorell, you will experience reliability, features and design for a value well within your budget. To benefit from the Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program, talk with your Relationship Builder today.

At Craft, we believe that it is absolutely critical that you have the best chair possible that fits within your budget and meets the individual’s seating needs. One size does not fit all, so we offer chair “Test Drives”. We will deliver sample chairs to your workplace for a test drive, and we’ll leave them with you so you can have the time necessary to determine if one of them is right for you. Our goal is to find the best chair for you based on your body type and what you require in terms of a chair’s functionality, support, aesthetics and cost. Please note that chairs available for “Test Drives” have standard stock fabric, not custom fabrics.