Fill Your Break Room with Flavor

At Craft Office Systems, we believe in providing only the finest coffee to our customers. When you head to the break room for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, try a blend or flavor beyond the traditional coffees, and experience coffee on a whole new level.   Our specialty RealCups™  help you to keep your business fully stocked with a variety of different drinks, such as 100% single-country-origin coffees from some of the best coffee growing regions in the world, as well as a variety of popular flavored gourmet coffees.

Here are a few specialty coffees we offer here at Craft:

browngoldBrown Gold
Brown Gold sources the highest quality coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Peru, and expertly roasts them to perfection. Their secret is to roast single origin coffee beans to their own individual specifications to bring out the best taste, flavors, and personality of the beans.

B0094ISOMA_marley_mixer2Marley Coffee
Legendary and beloved musician Bob Marley always said he would return to farming one day, and his son Rohan is fulfilling his father’s dream. When Rohan was a boy, he watched his grandmother dry her wild coffee beans in the sun and roast them in the oven for their morning coffee. The taste and aroma was intoxicating, and Rohan knew he wanted to deliver the same special experience to everyone around the world.  Try One Love or Get Up, Stand Up and try Talkin’ Blues, a 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee which is considered by many connoisseurs to be the world’s finest.

martinson-coffee-real-cup-k-cup-caramel-creme-boxMartinson Premium Coffee
Have you ever wondered where the term “a cup of Joe” comes from?  Martinson Coffee has a tale that’s hard to beat. In the late 1800s, New Yorker Joe Martinson would pick his coffee beans right as they came off the docks, roast them in his mother’s kitchen, and sell the fresh beans from a pushcart. As his business grew, locals reportedly called his product “a cup of Joe” and the name stuck. Today, Martinson Coffee continues Joe’s tradition of quality by selecting only the best beans, roasting them to perfection, and packing them at the peak of freshness.

Martinson coffee offers a variety of popular flavors to entice you into the break room for a fun pick-me-up.  Joe’s Vanilla Velvet, Tiramisu Twist, Irish Crème, Hazelnut Crème, Caramel Crème and Mint ‘n’ Mocha make me want to run to our break room.

So what do you have in your breakroom? It might be time to give Craft a call and ask about our CoffeeWorks™ service.