Craft Invites You to Become an HP PurchasEdge Member

Did you hear the great news? Craft would like to invite you to become a member of HP PurchasEdge!  HP PurchasEdge is a rewards program where members earn points based on what they spend on qualifying Original HP printing supplies including HP LaserJet and inkjet print cartridges and paper.

I’ve been a member for a while and I have to say, I love it! Members earn one PurchasEdge point for every $4 spent. New members receive a welcome kit with more details and 150 free points for logging in the first time! There’s a lot of interesting information about the program here.

So how do you enroll? The qualifications are – you must spend $500 or more each year on qualifying Original HP supplies, and you must be located in the United States or Canada. Easy! Click here for an invitation and let Craft do the rest.

When you become a member, HP will give you a PurchasEdge ID (PID). Your PID is the key to the invoice submission process so make sure you share your PID with Craft so we can make sure your invoices are properly submitted!

You already meet the qualifications, so why not earn rewards? Become a PurchasEdge member like me! If you have any question, give us a call.