Get Your 2014 Catalog Now!

Craft Office Systems CatalogsGreat news! The new 2014 catalogs have arrived and over the next few weeks, your Relationship Builder will stop by to pick up your old catalog and drop off a new one. I’ve been known to hide my older catalogs since I have all the pages marked, but here are few reasons why I will turn mine in this year:

  • New and updated products! Your previous year’s catalog will have discontinued products.
  • When you call and ask for help, you will be on the “same page” with our Customer Service team.
  • Our catalogs take up a lot of space like I do, so turning in old catalogs cleans up your workspace.
  • Help the environment by letting us recycle old catalogs as part of the My FootPrint™ program.

Once you have your new catalog, here are a few tips to become familiar with the layout:

  • Flip open to the first pages of your catalog and you’ll see a table of symbols. These will help you identify items that are new, recycled, value packs, assembly required and more.
  •  A removable bookmark is just inside the back cover for you to take out and mark where you left off.
  • In the back of the catalog, you’ll also find an index that makes it easy to search for an item by manufacturer or product type.
  • Flip your catalog over. The little box with the black puzzle pieces is a QR code that will lead you to our monthly Positive Promo. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and I’ll let you know about our latest Positive Promo.