Collaborate with the Help of Post-it

The Post-it line from 3M is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing products that give you the right tools in the right spaces. Straight from their web site, we wanted to share useful tips from collaboration and productivity expert Mike Vardy that can help any organization streamline collaboration and put the right tools where people need them.

Mike Vardy is a collaboration, productivity, and organization expert. Known as the Productivityist, Mike is a TEDx keynote speaker, published writer, and podcast host. Post-it® Brand partnered with Mike to address the changing office spaces in open environments at Stitch Fix in San Francisco, where he worked with their administrative team to create more access to the right tools for better collaboration among employees.

Although the tips that Mike deployed at Stitch Fix were particular to their challenges, the principles can be adapted to almost any situation. Here, Mike talks about his top tips for collaboration and the best Post-it® Products to help put them into practice in any organization.