Coffee: How to Taste Coffee

The smell of Fall is in the air. The season is starting where there are fresh cookies in the oven, pumpkin pie, and my favorite … coffee cake. What goes better with a sweet treat than a rich cup of coffee? Coffee is the perfect complement to your snack, whether you get to enjoy it in the break room or at home.

I’m so proud of Craft’s new coffee line that I agreed to have my picture on the label!  So I am frequently asked how to select the best coffee roast.  Well, it all depends on what you’re looking for and your personal tastes.  In each coffee roast, there are different characteristics that blend together on your palate to create that full-bodied flavor.

To help you identify your coffee preferences, listen to your senses.  Try your coffee black first, as creams and sugars tend to cloud your palate from the coffee’s real taste.  Experiment with different roasts and blends to explore the different levels of body and aroma that each has to offer.  With each new roast or blend that you try, follow these simple steps:

  1. Smell: Cup your hand above your mug of coffee and breathe in the smells. Just like wine, coffee can have different flavor notes that can be fruity, floral, earthy, nutty, spicy, citrus or sweet.
  2. Sip: Sip your coffee with a bit of air so you can taste the flavors and the fullness of the brew. Pay particular attention to where the coffee is first touching your tongue, as this may affect how it tastes.  Your taste buds react to certain flavors based on their sweet-spots – sweet and salty in the front, bitter in the back, sour on the sides.
  3. Taste: Taste the coffee and its fullness. Let it warm you up and energize you. Now is the time to add cream and sugar, if desired.
  4. Enjoy:  Now sit back, relax and enjoy!