New Beverages, Creamers and More at Craft

Looking for more beverages not found in the catalog?  We’re always adding to our portfolio based on customer preferences and needs.  Check out these beverage options and click the titles for item details.

Juice Craft Office Systems
We carry fruit juice from Welch’s, to Minute Maid Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice, and even spicy vegetable juice from V8.

Sometimes you just need a carbonated sugar kick during your lunch break. We carry Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and other sodas, including diet, for you to keep on hand for your staff and visitors.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. If you want something warm, but you’re not in the mood for coffee, why not try a cup of hot apple cider?

Energy drinks
The after-lunch slump can make the workday drag. Give your employees a boost with Monster Energy drinks and other electrolytes like Sqwincher ZERO.

We also have more tea and coffee options, as well as creamers. Contact Craft today and ask about our new products not listed in the catalog. Remember, you can also count on Craft to stay stocked with water and iced beverages.