Break Room Inventory Control Done Right

Who handles your break room inventory? If you have an outside supplier working to keep your break room stocked, is their schedule inconsistent or erratic?  Or worse, will they occasionally not show up or respond to phone calls? If there’s no flexibility or reliability with your current vendor, this can lead to unnecessary expenses, unreliable inventory, and inefficiencies.

Does your office manage your inventory, but you’re tired of sending someone to the store?  Why not save time and money by counting on Craft?  Now that Craft is a full service coffee provider, we can keep your break room inventory organized and fully stocked while you focus more on mission-critical activities.

CoffeeWorks from Craft

We Prevent Stock Piling
Stock piling occurs when your break room is bursting at the seams with too much of some products and too little of others.  When a vendor visits you on an erratic schedule that works best for them and they inconsistently fill your cabinets, you’re sometimes left with an invoice for things you might not need and worse, left without items you really do.

At Craft, we don’t stock pile. We evaluate your inventory and consult with you on the best way to manage it.  We can flex what you need for each visit based on upcoming break room and hospitality needs such as meetings, conferences or office parties.  You already count on us to deliver office supplies and furniture – so now you can count on us for coffee and more.  Let Craft help you keep your inventory managed properly and your break room fully stocked for every occasion.

Enjoy Single Point of Contact
With CoffeeWorks™, your own personal Relationship Builder takes care of your needs just like he does for your office supplies. Benefit from a single point of contact for needs spanning office supplies, furniture and break room when your Relationship Builder makes deliveries, stops by for orders, and handles all your questions.

Enjoy talking to Craft’s Customer Service Team?  Now trust and rely on the same team to help you with all things break room.  They’re eager to give the same superior service you have come to rely on.