Benefits of Staying Hydrated

With summer here and the weather heating up, Craft wants to remind our customers of a critical safety measure in the workplace: hydration. A happier, healthier and more productive and safe workplace is found by simply keeping your employees hydrated.

Interesting enough it can be a challenge to stay hydrated at work. Even if your job keeps you behind a desk, it’s easy to skip the water and grab a coffee or soda to help you work through the day. See below for  few examples of how important proper hydration.

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hydration-benefits-infographic-640x480-2While it is no secret that not drinking enough water can have a negative impact on your health, many employees deal with dehydration problems like headaches, inability to concentrate, fatigue, nausea and memory loss.  Proper hydration gives one an energy and mood booster in addition to good health.

Count on Craft for providing a variety of solutions for hydration in the office or the field.  If you’re looking for electrolytes as an added boost, we have leading brands such as Sqwinchers, Gatorade, and Overtime.  And, for water, we sell water by the pallet and case depending on your need and have leading brands.