Resolutions: How to Keep ‘Em!

For Hank, he’s all about eating right, going above and beyond, and bringing a positive attitude to everything he does in 2018.  With a desire to learn more, Hank plans on learning a new skill every month!

hank-new-yearA new year is the perfect time for a new start! At Craft, we’re here to help you make the most of 2018 with tips, tricks and products to achieve your goals and make it a great year on your workplace.

Start by taking care of yourself with nutritious snacks and beverages. Then, check out some new products to make your work easier. A few tips to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions:

  • Make them attainable. Rather than saying you’ll run a marathon or save $1000, say you’ll run 3 times a week or save $25 a week. That way, you’ll chip away at your goal!
  • Keep track of progress. Mark your progress on a calendar or keep a journal. When you see how far you’ve come, you’ll be encouraged to keep it up!
  • Have a resolution buddy. Find a friend with a common goal, and share the journey together. You’ll be more accountable for your actions, and can share tips and celebrate.

Get it All Right Here – 2018 Catalogs on the Way

With the new year here, now is the perfect time to discover new products and solutions to keep your workplace running smoothly. Grab yourself a nice hot cup of coffee, kick your feet up, and get ready to browse Craft’s 2018 catalogs.

CatalogWith Craft, enjoy the benefits of one-stop shopping.  Save time and money by relying on Craft for single sourcing and top-notch services.  Depending on your office needs and goals for this year, find the latest with our following catalogs:

  • Supplying Your Office – “Big book” including furniture, facilities, office supplies, break room and more.  At over 20,000 items, this catalog gives a broad overview of our offerings with more found in our web store.
  • Furnishing Your Office – Furniture catalog with industry leading breadth and depth of furniture solutions to outfit your ideal workplace.  Includes over 18,000 in-stock items available for next day delivery to quick-ship items for two week delivery on an additional 15,000 items to choose from including office suites, desks, seating, storage, filing, desk accessories, board and more!
  • Fueling Your Breakroom – Impress your coworkers and clients with all the essentials for breakroom and cleaning, plus innovative ways to put them to work for your office.
  • Facility, Breakroom and Safety – Look inside this catalog of the most relevant assortment of products for today’s facilities needs. Cleaning supplies, restroom supplies, paper products, waste containers and can liners, facility maintenance, packaging supplies, first aid, breakroom and food service, and safety/security are all found in this catalog.
  • Specialty – Need to focus on a particular business need? Check out our School Supply and Safety at Work catalogs.

To make your browsing experience enjoyable, here are a few suggestions to find your way around.

  • The first pages of your catalog have a table of symbols. These will help to identify items that are new, recycled, value packs, assembly required, and more.
  • Product category pages are color coded at the top.
  • Use the index, in the back of the catalog, to search for an item by manufacturer or product type.

Once you have had a chance to peruse our newest catalog, make sure you dispose of last year’s catalog too. We promise the benefits of recycling your catalog far outweigh the negatives. See below:

  • You’ll have access to the newest products!  The previous year’s catalog will have discontinued products.
  • When you call and ask for help, you will be on the “same page” as our Customer Service team.
  • You are helping the environment by letting us recycle old catalogs as part of our My FootPrint™ program.

Want to see new products added throughout the year beyond your catalog? Call Craft for an online account to our web store, and have access to the latest and greatest information and web tools.

Healthy Reminder on Flu Season Tips

We’re still in the middle of flu season so now is a good time to revisit the basic tips for maintaining a healthy workplace.  Promote good habits to help prevent the spread of germs and keep everyone healthy, and happy! Download the tips here and share with your coworkers.  Give us a call and we’ll help outfit your office with the cleaning and sanitizing essentials you need to prevent the flu hitting your office!

5 Tips

Lorell – Creating What Works For You

From sophisticated seating and high-quality office suites to innovative sit-stand solutions, Lorell creates furnishing solutions that work for you. The Lorell Custom Fabrics program is an industry leading offering that gives you unparalleled access to custom fabrics with a fast turnaround and various budget options.

You can choose from 100 premium fabrics and colors.  From timeless patterns and textures to cutting edge colors, the Lorell Custom Fabrics program has fabrics to complement any workplace. Fabrics also include crypton healthcare and antimicrobial healthcare vinyls.

Lorell FabricsBetter yet. . .the Lorell Custom Fabrics program applies to the wide offering of chair styles by Lorell.  Styles include:

  • Contract seating
  • Ergonomic mesh
  • Executive high-back
  • High-back
  • Mid-back
  • Stools
  • Desk chairs
  • Guest chairs
  • Training nesting chairs

For a free consultation, give us a call and our furniture specialists will guide you through options and styles to bring a boost to your workplace.

Help Keep Workers Safe and Costs Low

Worker safety is a necessity so can count on Kimberly-Clark for protective eye wear solutions.  Read the case study below to see how the Jackson Safety Nemesis Safety glasses made a real difference in the life of a worker.

Nemesis Case StudyProblem: Employees were disassembling equipment using jack bolts and two impact wrenches simultaneously. The socket on one of the impact wrenches split in half and flew towards the employee’s eye.

Countermeasure: The employee was wearing Jackson Safety* Nemesis* Safety Glasses at the time of the incident. The piece of metal struck the right lens of the employee’s safety glasses.

Results: While there was some swelling and bruising above/below the eye, the Jackson Safety* Nemesis* Safety Glasses prevented the foreign object from entering the eye, which could have done significant damage. Had the employee not been wearing safety eyewear the financial impact to the company could potentially have been as follows¹:

•  $42,809 in direct costs and $47,089 in indirect costs, summing to $89,898
•  For a company that has a profit margin of 3%, they would need $2,996,600 in sales to cover the total costs of this injury.

¹ Using the OSHA Safety Pays program (, for an injury that results in vision loss

Count on Craft for workplace solutions that keep safety a priority for your employees.

Source: Kimberly-Clark Professional Exceptional Workplaces Case Study: Jackson Safety Nemesis Safety Glasses Help to Keep Workers Safe and Costs Low at a Power Generation Plant

Spread Joy with Just a Click

Spread joy (not smears) with quick-drying Paper Mate InkJoy Gel pens. With vivid gel ink that dries 3X faster* for reduced smearing, it’s like a party on the page where smudges aren’t invited. With 14 brilliant colors to choose from, your notes will be bright and filled with fun.

*vs Pilot G2 based on average dry times of black, blue, red, and green. Individual dry times may vary by color.

Pen Spiral
Quick Drying – Don’t let ink smear and ruin the fun.  InkJoy Gel pens dry quickly – in less time that it takes to read this!

Super Smooth – Smooth writing shouldn’t be a drag! That’s why InkJoy Gel pens have a super-smooth style that keeps the thoughts flowing.

Comfort Grip – Wrapping around the entire pen, the textured ergonomic grip is brightly colored to match the gel ink inside.

Brilliant Color – Tell your story in vibrant color! With InkJoy Gel, drawings, notes and doodles pop off the page in 14 vivid hues.

From mini to stylus to retractable and more, call Craft to explore the Inkjoy Line of pens.  More colors, more joy!

InkJoy LineSource for content and images:

Scotch™ Brand Packaging Tape

Ready to ship. Ready to move. Made to store. The range of packaging tapes and supplies from Scotch™ are designed to solve any packing problem. Strength you can rely on.

But how do you know which tape to buy? Invest in the correct tape for application you need and avoid any packing and storing issues.  Check out the guidelines and call us if you need help.

ShippingShipping Packaging Tape – This heavy duty tape is designed for heavy packages and rough handling. The Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging tape is 40X stronger than acrylic tapes. It also resists slivering, splitting and tearing.

Moving TapeMoving and Storage Packaging Tape – Strong enough for moving, with a long lasting adhesive to withstand extreme temperatures. Tough Grip tape secures up to 80 lbs of weight per box and stays sealed during rough handling and rides in a moving truck. What makes Scotch® Tough Grip Moving Tape so tough is its unique and strong hot melt adhesive – when the box is closed, it stays closed including hard-to-stick boxes made with 100% recycled fibers.  Scotch® Long Lasting Moving and Storage Packaging Tape features a unique adhesive that’s UV resistant and great for long term storage in hot or cold temperature.

Need help finding the right tape?  Call our team!


Cultivating for Future Generations – GreenHarvest

At Craft, we embrace stewardship, sustainability and innovation.  As such, we are proud to carry Kimberly-Clark Professional GreenHarvest products.  As a truly innovative offering, Green Harvest products incorporate plant-based rapidly renewable fiber, such as bamboo and wheat straw, into trusted Kleenex® and Scott® Brand towel and tissue products.

greenharvest-products-desktop-290x250What are GreenHarvest products? These products represent a pioneering approach to fiber sourcing that will transform the paper products industry.  As a world leader in sustainability, Kimberly-Clark is paving the way – delivering innovative products along with the quality and performance that you’ve come to expect from their trusted brands. Today, in a resource-constrained, digital world, with fewer sources of recycled fiber, and the need to put less pressure on natural forests, it’s important to continue exploring new fibers.

plant-fiber-desktop-290x250What is GreenHarvest plant-based fiber? It’s fiber, but it doesn’t come from trees. It comes from plants, such as wheat and bamboo. All GreenHarvest products are third-party certified, providing assurance that they meet stringent standards of environmental leadership.

fiber-sourcing-desktop-290x250What is fiber sourcing? Being first to market means forging new paths – developing new manufacturing processes as well as a unique supply chain to obtain wheat straw directly from U.S. farmers. There was no model for what Kimberly-Clark was attempting to do. So they built it themselves – providing additional revenue to farming communities and utilizing an abundant plant source.

Be Inspired and Support Future Generations

Source for images and content:

Leading Coffee Brands with Craft

With colder weather upon us, count on Craft for leading coffee brands.  When it comes to break room coffee, your employees and guests deserve a fresh, great-tasting cup of coffee!  Starting the day, giving a mid-afternoon boost, or treating your employees and guests with a good cup of coffee, you can count on Craft to offer a portfolio of leading national and regional coffee brands.

Leading Brands

From Community Coffee, Starbucks, Green Mountain, Seattle’s Best to regional roasters, we have the brands that will energize your office bright and early!  Need bean-to-cup espresso beans? Give us a call!

No matter what coffee equipment you use, from a standard three warmer brewer to high volume satellite and airpot brewers, our traditional coffee offerings will keep your break room buzzing with energy. We also carry a wide selection of commercial equipment and accessories such as filters, airpots, decanters, and more. Contact Craft for a break room consultation or talk to your Relationship Builder to learn more.

Shake Off and Settle In for the Cold Season with Craft

As a full service office coffee and break room provider, count on Craft Office Systems to keep your brewers up and running and clean for the freshest brews in town.  With the colder months approach, there is nothing your office staff will want more than a cup of hot coffee brewing as they shake off the cold and settle in for work. So count on the fastest, most reliable partner for one-stop shopping benefits with Craft!

With CoffeeWorks™ we offer regular brewer cleaning, proactive maintenance and repair. Cleaning a coffee brewer requires more than a simple wipe down. Coffee residue builds up around the spray head where the water comes out to brew coffee, as well as in serving vessels. Taking care of coffee brewers and dispensers is time consuming but it’s important to keep them clean. That’s why we recommend letting us, the experts, do it for you!


Brewing the perfect cup of joe takes a lot more than great coffee, it takes the right equipment. With our CoffeeWorks™ program, you have access to the top brewers in the industry. From decanter-style brewers, to airpots and high-volume satellite brewers, we have the right brewer to fit any need. As an authorized Keurig dealer, we also have access to Keurig Green Mountain’s complete line of commercial single-cup brewers.

You see, with CoffeeWorks™, we work with your company to help figure out the best brewer for your break room. We take into consideration the number of employees, brewing capacity, coffee preferences and other needs, such as portability for meetings.

We can’t wait to help you get your coffee brewers ready for the winter season. Contact us today for a FREE break room consultation.