Preparing for 2014 – Filing

The end of the year is always a hectic time in the office. Business continues as normal, but then you have the added duty of preparing for next year. At Craft Office Systems, we’ve already started packing up 2013 so we can launch into 2014 ready to go! Why do we start early? So we don’t have any more added stress around the holidays!

The holiday season is coming up and the last thing you need is to stay late at the office in November or December storing those end-of-the-year files. Let us help you start by providing great filing solutions.

At Craft, we offer the following:

Folders and Accessories
Heavy duty folders are great for permanent files and we even have accessories such as fasteners and dividers to help you stay organized.

Hanging File Folders
Hanging folders are a popular way to keep papers neat in drawers, file cabinets and boxes.

Expanding Files
I have to say, when it comes to filing, expanding files are my favorite! I always have one in my desk, because the multiple pockets are great for organizing, storing and transporting large amounts of paperwork. Check out the great options we have from Smead.

End Tab Filing
Smead also carries great end tab file folders which are perfect for large record systems. The tabs help you organize and retrieve records with ease, saving time and increasing productivity.

Labeling and Software
Whether you prefer traditional self-adhesive labeling or label software solutions, we carry it all for you to create an efficient labeling system for your office.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing for the end of the year. Contact Craft today to get all the supplies you need to make sure you get to spend the holidays with your family, not in the office.