2 Reasons Inventory Management is Critical to Your Business

Factory Worker Using Digital Tablet In Store RoomThere is nothing more frustrating than running out of toner when you are in the middle of a print job with a looming deadline. Or how about when you get to the office, brew your cup of coffee, and realize there’s no creamer or sugar? Mismanaged inventory can create a variety of problems in your office. Here’s the 2 main reasons we think inventory management is critical to the success of your business.

Increases employee efficiency. Companies pay their employees to get specific tasks completed in a timely fashion. If staff is digging through office supply drawers or searching through files to find what they need, their valuable time is being wasted. With My CraftWorks™, we optimize inventory levels for storage and organization so your supplies are easy to find, and you never run out.

Decreases overstocking costs. If inventory is not monitored correctly, it’s very easy to order supplies you already have because they simply can’t be found at the moment. Or a vendor only wants to deliver once a month, so they stockpile your inventory levels. That’s how you end up with 15 boxes of envelopes in the back of the office supply closet. With My CraftWorks™, we can help keep your supply closet, printer station, and break room stocked with the right products and with optimal levels. Depending on your need, we can design order forms or stock sheets with suggested par levels and/or create automated scheduled orders via our web store to facilitate ordering those day-in-day-out items

Let us lighten your load. We are the experts at office organization and inventory management. This means saving you time, money, and energy – allowing you to focus on more mission-critical activities. Contact us today to learn more about our free inventory management solutions.